Tori Humphreys

Tori Humphreys finds true joy in balancing a robust and fulfilling career and raising three beautiful children with her husband.

For more than a decade, Tori has worked alongside her father and brother at Cumberland Marketing, a company her Dad founded in the late 1980’s. Tori serves as the company’s Vice President of Operations.

During her ten-year tenure at Cumberland Marketing, Tori has worked with clients all over the region and around the world. Commercials she has helped to produce have been displayed as far from the Tri-Cities as Canada and the UK. The list of brands she has worked with include product manufacturers most consumers would recognize at Target and on Amazon.

Coinciding with her growing career, Tori and her husband Will have three beautiful children. Her son West is now six and her twin girls, Eva and Harvin, are three.

While athleticism comes naturally to her, rhythm does not come as easily. Regardless, she is thrilled to join this year’s Dancing with the Tri-Cities Stars and support The Jeremiah School.