Lucas Schmidt

Lucas Schmidt is a native of the Tri-Cities area, born in Johnson City and raised in Piney Flats. Lucas attended Milligan College where he received a bachelor’s degree in piano performance. During his high school years, Lucas began performing as a drummer at the Jonesborough Repertory Theatre for the 1940s USO radio show (now an annually performed show renamed as the1940s USA Show). One year, he decided to audition for a singing and acting role as opposed to being in the band.

He was cast and has loved and performed in musical theatre ever since. Lucas works as the house manager of the Jonesborough Repertory Theatre as well as a
teacher for their theatre education program. He also performs with the theater’s traveling troupe, the JRT Players. When not performing or working at JRT, Lucas works as a NASM licensed personal trainer, as a piano/voice teacher, and as a nutrition coach for Performance Medicine in Johnson City. Lucas is grateful for the opportunity to perform in this year’s program and is so thankful for the opportunity to learn from Mike and Kim Adler. He’s also grateful for the opportunity to raise
money for the Jeremiah School and thanks the staff and volunteers at the school for their exceptional dedication to serving their students.