Josh Petty

Josh was born and raised in Ooltewah, Tennessee. He moved to Johnson City in 1997 to attend ETSU and    holds a bachelor’s degree in Geography and Geology with a Master’s degree in secondary education.  Josh was also an Ameri-core volunteer with 900 hours serving his local community.  He spent a summer in Germany studying Von Thunen’s Central Place Theory. Josh is currently in his 23rd year as a teacher at the University School and serves as the head baseball coach.

Outside of his responsibilities at University School, Josh enjoys spending time with his amazing daughter Ashlyn.  He said that she motivates him daily to be the best dad ever. He also enjoys spending time with his girlfriend Christy.

Funny thing is his mom grew up a dancer, but she decided to put a ball in his hands.  The result is zero talent on the dance floor, but he is excited to learn over the next few months and — hopefully — entertain a few folks while at the same time raising money for the Jeremiah School.