Jacqueline Joseph

Jacqueline is a Laser Specialist at Bentley Medical & Aesthetics in Johnson City.  She is a certified Laser Technician, specializing in various types of Laser procedures, and also provides recommendations from her training in medical Skin Care. Jacqueline loves helping people, especially with their skin, and personal appearance.  Helping people feel good about themselves, building confidence, and making positive changes are her major goals at Bentley Medical.  She also has extensive experience in marketing and in the medical field, holding various positions including Account Executive, Director of Marketing, and Medical Assistant.  She is also a Licensed Massage therapist.

Jacqueline was born and raised in Tennessee, she grew up riding horses, barrel racing, swimming all day at the pool, and riding her motorcycle.  She is currently the ‘Most Amazing’ boat driver in Tennessee, so says her crazed water skiing husband.  She met her husband Mark Joseph in the Johnson City area and they were married in 2008, he’s a Nuclear Engineer – heaven help her! ?    They have 3 amazing children: Nick, John, and Mackynzie, …and then there’s Millee … she has 4 legs but she’s the favorite!!! Nick works as a Software Engineer/Architect in LA; John has a degree in 3DAnimation/Gaming/Graphic Design and is working as a Graphic Designer in Colorado.  Mackynzie graduated from ETSU, earned a Masters in Cultural Anthropology from UT, and plans to complete her PhD soon … and hopefully at some point … ‘Get a job!!!!’.

Jacqueline truly enjoys meeting people and hearing their stories, she is a great listener and has a passion for helping people take positive steps in their lives.  She loves spending time with her family, hiking with her dog Millee, attending Church, wakeboarding on Boone Lake, dance workouts at Wellness, and traveling with her husband.

Jacqueline is delighted at the opportunity to help Dancing with the Tri-Cities Stars change lives!!!  She has lived in the Tri-Cities area for over 25 years, with her background in marketing, and passion for helping people, she hopes to generate funding and thoroughly enjoy the tremendous opportunity that DWTTCS and Dance for Change provides to the Tri-Cities area.