Christina Armbrister

Christina Armbrister likes to refer to herself as A Modern Renaissance Woman, as she is multi-talented in many fields. When someone’s personal theme song is, “The Hustle,” you know you are probably dealing with an energetic and driven person. Christina Armbrister is a creative maven who has opened several successful restaurants and businesses. She currently offers her services as an interior designer. Additionally, she is launching a Blog and Podcast that will feature design projects, cooking, DIY projects, travel, entertaining, and health & fitness. Learn more about Christina and what she does at

Apart from work, Christina is very family oriented. She and her husband Andy work very hard in their fields and travel in their spare time. They have 5 children between them and love spending quality time with them, and their extended family. Most of the time includes cooking, which is a staple in their family dynamic.

Christina has lived in the Tri Cities for over 20 years. Being in the service industry for over 30 years, she loves serving people. Since she also loves to dance, participating in the 2021 class of Dancing with the Tri-Cities Stars was a perfect fit. The organization benefitting from the DWTTS event is The Jeremiah school. The work they do was very impressive to Christina. Autism has touched her life over the years through friends and extended family. She is very excited to be involved with The Jeremiah School, not only by participating in DWTTS, but also offering her services to help renovate their current kitchen to a commercial style kitchen that will be used as a teaching facility. This will help the students transition into more independent living.